What are the facilities like at Australian Institute of Technical Training?
Australian Institute of Technical Training has been fitted with the most modern furnishings and fittings using state of the art design. The library has a wide range of essential texts and class sets of text books to use free of charge. Australian Institute of Technical Training also has common areas, where students can get to know one another and study amongst themselves.

Do I need a Visa to study at Australian Institute of Technical Training?

Students can travel to Australia on a Student Visa or Working Holiday Visa. Students on a Student Visa have strict rules and must comply with the following.

  • Must have an attendance level of 80%
  • Must notify the college of change of address
  • Must meet the course requirements set
  • Are not permitted to work unless you have applied for permission to do so.

How safe is Melbourne, Australia?
Australia is very safe, with a low crime rate, political stability and a harmonious society. The incidence of robbery and assault is relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug laws. A peaceful country, Australia has never had a civil war. The government is democratically elected, and is not ruled by the military nor based on religion. Melbourne, capital city of Victoria is the arts centre of Australia, and people are drawn to historical grand old buildings, fantastic dining and an abundance of arts events. Melbourne has an exciting multicultural society with a history of both European and Asian immigrants.

What is the weather like in Melbourne?
The Melbourne weather can be unpredictable at times but isn't as humid as many other cities of Australia. The temperature ranges from 18-35°C between November to April and 7-18°C May to October.

How many other students will there be in my class?
All of Australian Institute of Technical Training's classes are small where teachers can provide attention to the academic need of each student. The Australian Institute of Technical Training  has an average class size of 15 - 20 students.

Will I have access to computers?
At Australian Institute of Technical Training we have the latest computers and state-of-the-art technology such as high speed Internet connections. Students are able to access these computers outside their classes and are able to type and communicate in a vast number of languages. Each student is also issued with their own password to enable them to access their individual webmail account from anywhere in the world.

What will my teachers be like?
All of our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their field. At Australian Institute of Technical Training you will find our teachers are caring, interesting and friendly. Australian Institute of Technical Training teachers are dedicated to helping students succeed in their academic and personal aspirations. At Australian Institute of Technical Training learning has never been more enjoyable.

Do I need to have Overseas Student Health cover?

All international visitors to Australia under a student visa are required by law to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students are required to pay for OHSC prior to arriving in Australia.

On acceptance of a course offer, all international students must pay a fee for health insurance in accordance with the length of their course. Australian Institute of Technical Training forwards payment and application on behalf of new students to Australian Health Management (AHM).

Students must be covered by the OSHC from the day they arrive in Australia, until the end date of their visa.

Please note: OSHC fees are set by the provider Australian Health Management (AHM) and are subject to change by the provider. AHM may take a few weeks to process applications and send AHM Cards to the Institute. Any students with health problems who are yet to receive their card are advised to see a doctor, pay for the consultation and ask for a receipt for the service. AHM will reimburse the money for the consultation when you produce the receipt.

Visit the AHM wbsite at www.ahm.com.au to learn more about what is covered by Overseas Student Health Cover.

What you need to consider as in regards to cost of living in Melbourne being an international student?

When calculating your budget, it is important to remember the following:

  • Course fees;
  • Overseas Student Health Cover;
  • Accommodation Costs; Living expenses;
  • food;
  • gas and electricity;
  • telephone;
  • transport;
  • school fees and uniforms (if you have school-aged dependants;
  • supplies;
  • Entertainment and recreation;
  • Airfares; and
  • Emergency expenses

It is very important to remember NOT to rely on a part-time job to cover your Course fees and all the above living expenses.

What if I have problems with the study?
Australian Institute of Technical Training offers a wide range of support to help students reach their full academic potential. This includes providing free tutorial classes for each subject, individual tutorial support when required, study skills support and two additional English classes per week outside of the scheduled High School timetable.

How to I get to Australian Institute of Technical Training?
Due to the central location of Australian Institute of Technical Training students can use a wide range of public transport including trains, trams and buses. These services drop students to the College.

I am under the age of 18 can I still come and study at Australian Institute of Technical Training?
Students under 18 must live in accommodation that is approved by the school and complies with DIAC regulations. This means that students under 18 must live in a home stay approved by Australian Institute of Technical Training or with relatives or someone aged at least 21 nominated by the parent. If the student requires guardianship Australian Institute of Technical Training will arrange this at no additional cost.

What will my first day be like?
On your first day you will have an orientation to the school and get to meet your teachers. This orientation also includes familiarising yourself with living and studying in Melbourne. Students are made aware of the social and cultural issues associated with living in Melbourne and shown how to do things that are often strange and different a new country like banking and sending mail.

I am away from home, What can I do if I have a problem?

Australian Institute of Technical Training understands that it is not easy to study and live in another country so we offer a wide range of support to all our students. We pride ourselves on our small and tight community with bi-lingual staff and close relationship between students and staff where students feel comfortable approaching staff about any problems they have.

In addition to this Australian Institute of Technical Training also has a strong relationship with external welfare support agencies and offers a 24 hour emergency help line to all students.